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Neurofeedback (NFB), also called neurotherapy or neurobiofeedback, is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brain activity—most commonly electroencephalography (EEG), to teach self-regulation of brain function. Typically, sensors are placed on the scalp to measure activity, with measurements displayed using video displays or sound.


The activity in your brain determines everything you feel and do.

While most people have normal brain function, they still have brain imbalances or chronic emotions that affect their day to day life. This is where neurofeedback can help.


Neurofeedback is a way to train brain activity; it is biofeedback for the brain. To understand neurofeedback, first we need to understand a little about brainwaves.


Brainwaves are the electrical impulses produced as your brain cells communicate with one another. Brainwaves tell us a great deal about how you feel and function; your thought habits, stress levels, underlying mood and overall brain function. 

Using sensors on the scalp, we can measure and monitor this activity. With brain analysis software (QEEG brain map), we can identify what specific activity is giving rise to your symptoms.  

Once we know the areas of concern, we can create a training plan to help draw your brain into a comfortable, efficient state. That brings us to neurofeedback. 

During a neurofeedback session, we compare what your brain is actually doing to what you'd like it to be doing. When your brain is nearing a more comfortable state, you are rewarded with a positive response on a computer screen. Usually this ‘neuro-feedback’ is in the form of a video game, music, or movie. 

The sounds and images tell you immediately when your brain approaches a more efficient place and when not. When the movie plays, it is because your brain is approaching the desired state. When the movie stops, it is because your brain is heading the other way. 

Much like physical exercises develop specific muscles, the more your brain is exercised into reaching a more comfortable, more efficient position, the better it gets at it (see neuroplasticity). As with learning any new skill, it simply requires time and repetition. 


How can neurofeedback change your life? 

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What is Braincore Neurofeedback?




"We started braincore to help my son's Stuttering.  He would elongate his words for long periods of time before he would finally get them out.

Braincore has helped tremendously with the amount of times he studders now.  We strictly did braincore for studderiong, however, we have seen a huge change in his behavior.  Before, he was a very high strung, emotional, easily angered child. Braincore has helped with this!  Everyone around him has seen the positive changes and would comment about how good he has been lately, even people that had no idea we were doing Braincore.

Janea is absolutely wonderful with the kids and treat them with so much love and compassion!  We are so thankful for all the staff! I would highly recommend Braincore Therapy for any child!"



" I am 10 years old amd have struggled with my anxiety in certain situations since I was 5 years old.  We started Braincore when I was 9, in hopes that it would help with my anxiety.  it has helped me so much in new situations and when I have to get up in front of people for things at school and church.  Before Braincore I would get super nervous and my anxiety would kick in and I wouls have severe stomach pain and have to throw up.  I would worry about programs and upcoming events for weeks beforehand.  Now, it doesn't bother me to have to do these things. I even tried out for a solo in my school music program which I would have never done before. Braincore has changed my life.


Also, Mrs. Janea is the best and I love her so much!  She makes Braincore fun and a place I get excited to come every time."