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While one would first think of Dr. Leonard McCoy when the, at a glance, definition of PEMF is presented, Many practicioners are starting to look to PEMF ( Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field ) therapy to stimulate a sense of overall wellbeing, boost their immune system, increase their natural energy source and optimize their performance. Other benefits include reducing muscle tension, improving tissue healing, reducing pain, increasing energy, slowing the development of arthritis, helping the body to detoxify,  improving the uptake of nutrients, reducing blood pressure, helping nerve function, helping liver function, balancing the acupuncture meridians, improving sleep, and making the soft tissues more flexible. Conditions that have responded favorably to (PEMF) include fractures, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, plantar fasciitis, neuropathies, hip degeneration, depression, poor sleep, shoulder pain/rotator cuff, sciatica and recovery from work/sports.


How can it  help me?



Both acute and chronic injuries are associated with damaged cells. These cells are weak and inactive and lack the proper energy to heal. This is one of the main reasons our pain and symptoms don’t go away.



Both injury and sickness causes our red blood cells to stick together making circulation slow. Without proper circulation, nutrients and oxygen are not delivered to the tissues, thus preventing healing and repair..



Injuries, medication, the food we eat, and the environment causes our body to be filled with toxins. Without proper detoxifcation, our bodies stay in a state oftoxicity and prevents us from achieving optimal health.



All cells need energy to function. When we get sick or injured and have acute or chronic pain, the cells “battery”, called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is weak and inactive. Imagine a drained cell phone battery. Until you charge it, it will never work. Our cells are the same way. This is one of the main reasons why your pain has never gone away. Science has proven that when you put these damaged cells through this pulsed electromagnectic field, you can increase the cells battery by up to 500%.


Oxygen Flow

Our painful joints and muscles are commonly associated with poor blood circulation. Injuries cause our red blood cells to stack on top of one another drastically reducing the transport of oxygen and nutrients to these areas. Science has proven that when you apply the pulsed electromagnetic field to these areas, the cells are able to separate, it causes your vessels to open up (dialate) and thus allows for increase amounts of oxygen and nutrients to reach your painful spots, promoting healing.



Within our sick and damaged areas, millions of cells are filled with toxins that are unable to escape. The cells have a rigid membrane that makes for the release of these trapped toxins difficult. Again science has proven that when you put these cells through the pulsed electromagnetic field, the cell’s membrane becomes softer and more permeable, thus allowing these toxins to escape and making room for nutrients to enter the cell.


Can this benefit me?


Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy naturally gives your body’s cells the extra push they need to perform at peak capacity. Your body will deal with pain better, recover faster, and just plain function at a higher level. At Dynamic Sports Medicine our PEMF device is a must for every athlete who takes their career (and their performance) seriously. This unique therapeutic system delivers a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) right into your body’s cells. The chemical reactions in every cell in your body are stimulated by electrical signals, which give the energy they need to work more efficiently. The result is that your body performs better and you have more energy, endurance, and stamina on the field, on the court or in the pool.




















Sports Medicine Redefined???